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Butter Garlic Lemon Mussels

First clean the top of mussel shells in water. Make sure the mussels are closed if you want it fresh and good. Please discard the open mussels as they are dead and you don’t want to eat them. Frozen or live mussels is good as long as you know its fresh. We buy farm fresh.

In a pan first add 2 tbsp of olive oil and 4 tbsp of butter and then add 5 – onion shallot chopped, 5 – garlic crushed, 1 tsp – crushed pepper, 1 tbsp of parsley fresh or dried parsley and then finally add 1/2 cup of white wine and 1/2 cup of water. When all the above is boiling in the pan add 3 pounds of mussels and keep it closed for one min. Then open the pan and stir fry and close again and boil for one and half more mins. By this time you can see the mussels open. Now stir fry for 1/2 min open and serve with the mussels sauce on top of it. You can eat the yummy mussels by itself and dipping the sauce with garlic fresh toast.

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