Passion of Christ Video



The Divine stood striped in front of the human,

The Creator was condemned to death by man.

All knew the judgment was totally unfair,

No one dared to challenge the verdict for fear.


Pilate examined and found in Him no guilt,

He was under pressure Pharisees had built.

Washing his hands would not free him of his sin,

It was Father’s will that He died for our sin.


Pilate succumbed to people to save his name,

He killed his conscience for mere power and fame.

There are ‘Pilates’ who’re ready to steal and kill,

With greed and avarice their stone-hearts they fill.


Many innocent people die unjust death,

There is no justice for those who have no wealth.

For their cause there’s no one to stand up and fight,

Their daily life is in a terrible plight.


Many suffer today from sexual abuse,

They are voiceless and they can never refuse.

Still others go through emotional torture,

They suffer and die at rich people’s pleasure.


No one can better understand human suffering-

Than Jesus who took upon Himself all suffering.

He will not deny us justice in His kingdom,

One day we will be in the land of no problem.